Netspend Card Activation | The Ultimate Activation Guide

NetSpend is a financial service provider that officially provides financial services to people. Netspend Card Activation provides Advantage Card for its customers. This NetSpend card provides you discounts at shopping and provides you easier ways to pay money. Have you recently received an Advantage Card from NetSpend and you have no idea how to activate it? Then read the blog below to find out how to successfully activate your Advantage Card of NetSpend.

netspend card activation

If you are excited to activate your Advantage Card from NetSpend then do not forget to follow the step by step guide provided here. You can easily activate your NetSpend credit card by following the information provided here. Before activating your NetSpend Advantage Card, you will be needing few requirements. Those requirements are mentioned below:


  • Your First and Last name.
  • Street Address.
  • Zip code.
  • Your email address.

These are the only requirements to activate your NetSpend Advantage Card. You will have to provide this information to activate your NetSpend card. You can activate your NetSpend Advantage Card by two simple steps. I know you need proper guidance on how to activate your NetSpend card so we have mentioned both the steps below for your assistance. The two ways in which you can activate your card are the following:

  1. NetSpend Card Activation Online
  2. NetSpend Card Activation Through Phone

You will have to use any of the above methods to activate your NetSpend card. Are you excited to use your Advantage Card by NetSpend? Then make sure to follow our specific guidelines to promptly activate your NetSpend card without any hassle. For the first method, make sure your device is connected to Internet and has a working internet connection otherwise you would not be able to activate your NetSpend card online.


  • In order to activate your NetSpend card online, the first and foremost step is to open up the official NetSpend website which is to activate your NetSpend card.
  • After the website is opened, click on the Sign up Now button present on the activation site.
  • After clicking on the sign up button, you will be asked to provide your First and Last Name, your Street Address, ZIP code and Email Address.
  • After providing the above information, you have to select your NetSpend Card type on the website.
  • After selecting your card type, click on the Get My Card Now button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next page.
  • After the process is complete, you have successfully activated your NetSpend card.

This is the first and the easiest way to activate your NetSpend Advantage card online. You can easily activate your NetSpend card from the Synchrony financial site. Synchrony is the financial group which offers these NetSpend cards. However, in the second scenario, if you do not have internet connection or there is some other problem due to which you can not activate your card online then you can activate your card using your mobile phone too. To know how you can activate your card from mobile phone, follow the simple guide provided below which will allow you to activate your NetSpend card through your mobile phone:


  • In order to activate your NetSpend card using your mobile phone, users will have to dial the number 1-866-387-7363 and and tell the customer service representative that you want to activate your NetSpend credit card.
  • After doing that, you will have to follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the customer support representative on call.
  • Make sure to keep your CNIC and other important documents with you since they would ask you for some information regarding yourself, make sure to provide it to them on time.
  • After you have provided all the information, the customer support representative after further inquiry would tell you that your NetSpend card is now activated and ready to use.

After you’re done with the Netspend card activation process, you will receive an instruction from the instructor that your card would be activated shortly. Wait for an activation message before heading out to shop for your favorite brands. After your card is activated, you can experience a great shopping experience using your NetSpend activation card.

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This was an easy guide for people looking out to activate their Netspend card activation and was looking for help to do it in the least time possible. We have provided the two only methods to do this on our blog. Make sure to choose the most efficient method for you. Stay tuned with us and read out more blogs of our to know more updates about different topics of your interest. If we solved your problem, make sure to comment and like our blogs and let us know how we are doing.

Updated: September 22, 2019 — 6:05 pm

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